Personalized Sibling Gifts

"What to get for my Brother"? "What to get for my Sister"?

Are you shopping for a gift for your brother or sister? How about a personalized gift? There's no gift quite like a robe or stuffed animal with your brother's / sister's name on it. All of our gifts are embroidered with the name of your choosing (up to eleven characters maximum), and our personalized gifts are made to last. Personalization is free, and you will have your choice of letter designs and colors.

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Options for Personalized Brother/Sister Gifts

When personalizing your gift for your sibling, we let you make design choices that best express your brother's/sister's personality and the relationship between the two of you. Most personalized gifts allow you to choose a font and thread color:

Font - The lettering you choose for your brother's or sister's name can be elegant, playful, or classic.

Thread Color - We offer a large range of thread colors from light to dark, and from bold to pastel. If your sibling has a favorite color, we should have a thread color to match.

In addition to the above options, you can also make special gift requests that we will try our best to accommodate, such as special colors or characters.

A Wide Variety of Gifts for your Sibling

Whether your brother or sister is young or old, we have gifts that are appropriate and fun. Our catalog includes baby clothing, blankets, backpacks, rocking chairs, duffel bags, place mats, towels, stuffed animals, sports themes, and more. All of our gifts are made of high quality, comfortable materials that your sibling is sure to appreciate. We are adding to our catalog all the time!

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