Personalized Monogrammed Bibs

Monogrammed Baby Bibs With A Personal Touch

Personalized Monogrammed BibsAre you looking for a baby gift that is a little more distinctive and original? Chad and Jake's monogrammed baby bibs are a perfect fit! Every child has a personality, so what parent wouldn't love a gift uniquely suited to his/her baby's termperament? As a gift giver, we know you are looking for something unique. Your monogrammed gift bib can be personalized with his or her initials, and you can choose from bold or elegant monogram designs, and subtle or vibrant colors.

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What Personalized Options Are Available for Bibs?

We offer plenty of personalization options for our baby bibs:

  • Full name versus Monogram: You can enter the baby's full name, or you can choose a monogram design. You'll like monograms for their flexibility. They can range from plain and bold to elegant and classy.
  • Font: Personalize your bibs with the "serif" design for a more modern, clean look. Another good option is a circle/diamond for a more elegant appearance. We recommend the script design for extremely rambunctous babies!
  • Thread and Trim colors: You have not one, but two color options in the form of monogram embroidery and trim colors. The bib trim is also available in blue or pink gingham. Choose matching colors for a more traditional look, or contrasting bib colors for more wild, outspoken babies.
About Our High-Quality Monogrammed Personalized Bibs

Our monogrammed baby bibs are made of 100% cotton terry, which we believe is the best fabric to stand up to daily use. The bib you receive will measures 14" by 11", which is a great size for catching and absorbing big messes. Bibs are durable enough to be be machine-washed, and the uniqueness of the monogram design can make a great keepsake!

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