Personalized Baby Blanket

Personalized Baby Blankets for Gifts, Your Child, Grandchildren, or Friends

Personalized Baby BlanketChad and Jake is able to make personalized baby blankets for your children. Our goal is to provide your child a comfortable blanket that is personalized, so that the blanket will give fond childhood memories and mementos that your family will cherish. We can customize the blankets, so that not only will it provide comfort, but be fun and more special for your child. Call Chad and Jake today at 877-386-5437 or use the form at the right.

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What kinds of personalized baby blankets does Chad and Jake offer?

Chad and Jake has three primary blanket types that are offered as the base for our personalized baby blankets. The blanket types are as follows:

  • Cable Knit Blankets
    • These blankets are incredibly soft thanks to the medium weight cotton. They also come with a ribbed trimming and cable pattern making this an ideal blanket for your toddler all year round.
  • Microplush Blankets
    • Microplush Blankets are lightweight plush blankets that are made of polyester microfiber that will keep your toddler comfy and warm. The blanket is trimmed in satin so that there is a silky softness to them.
  • Sweater Knit Blankets
    • Made of a lightweight cotton, these blankets will make your baby feel comfortable. Comes embroidered with the baby’s name, and is embroidered with brightly colored dots to add a level of fun to the blanket.
What customizations does Chad and Jake typically offer for personalized baby blankets?

Our personalized baby blankets can be customized to have the name of the child be embroidered on it. You can also customize the thread color that is used, as well as have the blanket giftwrapped. If you so choose, you can even give us special instructions if you would like alternative characters or thread colors. If you are looking to have a personalized baby blanket customized for your child, give Chad and Jake a call at 877-386-5437 or use the form on the right.

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